About Us

CoffeeCSA is 100% Farmer Owned & Governed

When you buy a share of the harvest at CoffeeCSA, you get the best of the crop while helping to fund next year's harvest and strengthen small-scale family farms. CoffeeCSA offers you great coffee and a meaningful relationship with a hard-working farm family.

CoffeeCSA was started by the Pachamama Coffee Cooperative

The Pachamama Coffee Cooperative (pacha.coop) is a unique international cooperative that is owned by other democratically-run cooperatives, which in turn are owned by more than 140,000 small-scale farmers, including those featured on this website. Watch the video!

This technology was developed by small-scale coffee farmers with additional support from Agriterra and The Global Development Marketplace.

The photography and video artwork presented on this site was created by Olaf Hammelburg on behalf of the farmers themselves, who reserve all rights to this content.

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