Frequently Asked Questions


What is Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)?

A Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program is a way for you to buy directly from a farmer and share in the harvest.

Why a coffee CSA?

CSAs are simple yet revolutionary. As a CSA member, you join for the whole season and pay the farmer directly for your coffee, which provides a secure retail market for the farm's harvest. This improves financial stability for the farm, which in turn enables the farmer to commit to high quality coffee at fair prices for you. Join a CSA and become part of the growing movement to keep small-scale farms in business.

May I cancel anytime?

Yes. You may also place your subscription on hold at anytime.

How will my coffee be delivered?

We ship by USPS Priority Mail. There are are no additional charges for shipping – free shipping!

How do I contact my coffee farmer?

You may send a letter or postcard for your farmer to our California headquarters at 919 20th street Sacramento, CA 95811. Or you may send an email message to info@coffeecsa.org. We will deliver your message promptly.

Where is my coffee roasted?

All coffee is roasted daily in Sacramento, California.

Do you trade fairly with farmers?

We are farmers. At CoffeeCSA.org, all 100% of the retail price of your purchase goes directly to farmers because they own 100% of the company.

Is your coffee organic?

Yes, absolutely! All the coffee sold via CoffeeCSA.org is organically produced and certified from the farm through the roasting process.

Learn more about How It Works. Read this article about CoffeeCSA in The New York Times.