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coffeecsa_shegecoffeecsa_manuel_rodriguezteyGreat Organic Coffee Directly from Family Farmers

CoffeeCSA connects coffee lovers with coffee farmers around the world in the most direct way possible. As a 100% farmer-owned business, every subscription and purchase directly supports small-scale coffee farmers – and results in exceptional coffee at your doorstep!

  • 1. We find exceptional coffee farmers around the world

    We have access to some of the best organic coffee in the world, because we grow it!

    Our farmer-owners have a deep interest in seeing that you love their coffee. So, it only makes sense to carefully control quality from farm to cup. We grow, harvest, clean, import, roast and deliver our best coffee directly to you. By shortening the supply chain our farmers earn a better living by delivery their best coffee directly to your door.

  • 2. You select a CSA Share

    Choose to pre-pay seasonally or pay monthly for your share of the harvest. You may pause or cancel your CSA share at anytime – and we always offer free shipping.

    If you choose to pre-pay for your coffee harvest, we will invest 50% of your payment towards the funding of the your future coffee deliveries. Plus, we will guarantee your delivery of fresh-roasted coffee at harvest. In the event one harvest fails, we will deliver coffee from a similar harvest or refund your payment.

  • 3. We roast-to-order and deliver within a week

    We roast coffee daily in small batches here in California. Your monthly share will ship every four weeks, unless you notify us otherwise. It is easy to manage your CoffeeCSA account, simply place orders on-hold and even elect to deliver orders to a local food bank, should you be out-of-town. 100% of the coffee we roast is certified organic and grown under shade-canopy by small farmers. To learn more, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions.

  •  4. You enjoy farm-fresh coffee. Our farmers prepare a new harvest.

    You enjoy great coffee from responsible family farms around the world. With access to the full retail price of their coffee ($12-16 per pound!), CoffeeCSA farmers have much greater incentive to invest in their coffee, in turn leading to a better harvest for you next year. Repeat business is important for farmers, it gives them a good reason to stay on the farm and to invest in organic production!


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Our 100% Farmer-Owned Business Model

farmerowned100CoffeeCSA is a project of Pachamama Coffee Cooperative, a unique global cooperative that is owned and governed by coffee farmers, including those featured on this website. 100% of profits are paid to farmer-owners. [hr] Would you like more information? Learn more About CoffeeCSA or read our Frequently Asked QuestionsHave feedback on our process? Your comments are welcome – contact us!